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After your home or office experiences a disaster you’re left to pick up the pieces. It’s an overwhelming feeling when you realize what you have to rebuild at the same time, you’re trying to cope emotionally from feelings of loss. At this point you might ask yourself, “Where do I start?”

At H2O Solutions, we always begin reconstruction by packing out and storing your contents. Removing the contents frees up space in your home for fire or flood cleanup and rebuild. Most importantly, pack out and store ensures that your contents do not get damaged during the reconstruction process.

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 From Our Clients

H2O Solutions and their workers did a great job on my home. My home was damaged after a woman, under the influence, drove her vehicle into the back of my home causing damage to my walk-in closet, bathroom, garage, fence, a portion of my backyard and the brick on my home. Brad and his H2O Solution crew came the night of the damage to clean up and board up my home. They did an amazing job that night. This is what led me to hire them for the project. We had a slow start due to my insurance company, but Brad was very patient and worked with my insurance company to ensure that everything would be covered. Once they began to work, the workers worked very hard and quickly and did a great job.
Iman W. 5 Star Rating
Ryan Burk, Production Manager, for H20 Solutions handled our claim with AAA Insurance in a very professional and efficient manner. We were very impressed with all of his workers and sub-contractors, that were associated with this project. We observed throughout this is endeavor, each worker applied their best efforts, in each area of their own expertise, to resolve our concerns in as timely a manner as possible. We could highly recommend H20 and Ryan Burk, without any hesitation, to all of our friends and neighbors.
Dee G. 5 Star Rating
After the water heater in the attic gave way, releasing 50 gallons of water into the second, then first floors of our home, we called USAA to begin a claim. They assigned H2O Solutions to mitigate the damage and Ryan and crew showed up immediately. Very kind and professional. When the discussion shifted to repairs, I learned that H2O Solutions does this part of the job as well. Due to the great experience with the mitigation team, I decided to bring them on to complete the project. WOW! Amazing team. Joel took over for the rebuild and each step of the way, he communicated clearly and honestly. As with any project of this size, there were setbacks; as expected. However, the way they worked to minimize any issue and work with my family to complete the work was exemplary.
Steve M. 5 Star Rating
We had a flood at our house the beginning of the year. Not a good way to start the year off, but we called H2O Solutions and they relieved some pain and suffering we were experiencing. It started with the mitigation process where they come out and dry your property out. Once your house is dried out, you then start demolition. H2O (Ryan & Chris Burk) were very responsive and always kept in communication with us of what was going on and what was to come. The crews were very prompt and courteous while on my property. Next to come is the rebuild (Matt Burk) and it was the same experience. Very responsive and took the time to go over details. We picked out our rebuild items and sat down with them which was a silver lining in this entire process. I would highly recommend H2O (Matt, Chris & Ryan) to anyone that wants their job done right with customer service in mind.
Mike E. 5 Star Rating
We experienced a undetected leak that turned into a health hazard with black mold in our bathroom, kitchen wall and cabinets... by the time it was discovered. Since it was determined that it was our neighbors leak, they took full responsibility. Nevertheless, Ryan and Chris were a pleasure to deal with. Quick to respond to texts and always showed they cared by taking extra time And patience with me to explain the process In full details, what was to happen next and the best way to accomplish things in the safest manner. They also went above and beyond to accommodate our needs, with my grandmother living here. Hector and Jose were also professional, kind and considerate throughout the whole process. Chris coordinated well with our mold inspector, Blaine Regan, with Regan Environmental, to accomplish all work according to the strict remediation protocols set out in his plan. If I were ever to come into need, I would use them again for any remediation services and I would definitely recommend them to others.
Jamie W. 5 Star Rating
H2O Solutions handled my claim with Progressive Insurance. Ryan Burk, Production Manager, was very punctual in getting fans and moisture removal equipment to the house and set up. His workers tore out carpet and opened walls and removed baseboards and such as was needed to get the house dried out. H2O was very helpful and kept me informed through the whole process of wall, ceiling, woodwork repair and all the painting and installing new flooring. Each of their contractors were on time, considerate and cleaned up after themselves each day. It was a pleasure to work with H2O and Ryan Burk and all their employees and contractors.
Martha S. 5 Star Rating
My company works with H2O Solutions handling water damage claims. Brad and his crew are always great to work with and on time. Thank you for being a great partner for our customers in their time of need.
Sheri H. 5 Star Rating
Chris and his staff were fantastic. My home was completely flooded during Harvey and him and his crew took care of my home quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend H20 Solutions.
Josh B. 5 Star Rating
This group of guys were great to work with! Respectfully, polite and very hardworking! Thanks for your help with our water mess!!! Would use this company again if we ever needed anything like this!
TSPA Dallas 5 Star Rating
The service was very helpful and the gentleman did an outstanding job. Thank you!
Corey C. 5 Star Rating
This company is the best I have ever worked with! Their staff is so kind and caring and has taken care of me every step of the way even when my insurance company wasn’t! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Brad and Tavis! Thank you for helping me! I would recommend their services to anyone!!!
Lauren M. 5 Star Rating
We have used and referred Chris on several occasions and each time, he went above and beyond. He doesn't hesitate to come out on the weekend or any time that you need him. He did what he said he would do and fixed our problems as expected. I would highly recommend him!
Linda A. 5 Star Rating

Our Pack Out & Storage Process

When dealing with a properly loss incident, sometimes the best thing to do is to get your valuable possessions or assets out of the building. H2O Solutions offers detailed pack out and storage services to both of our residential and commercial property owners. We can help not only prevent further damage to your contents from water or smoke, but also reduce the risk that your property will be damaged in the restoration process by removing your contents from the site.

Our technicians will inventory and catalog each item, clean and restore what items require it, and are carefully stored until it’s time for them to be returned to their right places. Every single item is documented, identified by the location they were taken from, and clearly labeled before they’re removed. This ensures that your property will be restored to its original condition with no stress or fuss

When you suffer a large loss like fire or water, H2O Solutions packs up all your belongings and stores them either on site in a portable storage container or offsite in a warehouse. With fire loss we’ll pack up your contents, take them offsite to clean and store them until the home or business is ready for them to return. When dealing with fire damage, it’s important to clean the contents as soon as possible so the fire smell can be neutralized.

H2O Solutions Is Here To Help

With H2O Solutions, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed at the recovery process ahead of you. We ease the burden by packing out your contents and restoring your home or office to its original condition. Let us know how we can help by giving us a call.


Content Cleaning

Fast response is crucial after a property loss has occurred at your home or business. Water can cause massive damage to your property’s contents. It also can greatly increase the humidity levels within the property, causing mold to grow in just the first 24-48 hours of the incident – this doesn’t allow for a lot of time to save your valuables or inventory from permanent damage. H2O Solutions offers a number of services that will help reduce further damage to your residential or commercial property and its contents. Whether your property is dealing with a serious water damage loss, sewage damage, or the aftermath of a fire, the expert technicians at H2O Solutions can help with restoring not just your home or business, but the contents contained within it.

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