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After your home or office experiences a disaster you’re left to pick up the pieces. It’s an overwhelming feeling when you realize what you have to rebuild at the same time, you’re trying to cope emotionally from feelings of loss. At this point you might ask yourself, “Where do I start?”

At H2O Solutions, we always begin reconstruction by packing out and storing your contents. Removing the contents frees up space in your home for fire or flood cleanup and rebuild. Most importantly, pack out and store ensures that your contents do not get damaged during the reconstruction process.

Our Pack Out & Storage Process

When dealing with a properly loss incident, sometimes the best thing to do is to get your valuable possessions or assets out of the building. H2o Solutions offers detailed pack out and storage services to both of our residential and commercial property owners. We can help not only prevent further damage to your contents from water or smoke, but also reduce the risk that your property will be damaged in the restoration process by removing your contents from the site.

Our technicians will inventory and catalog each item, clean and restore what items require it, and are carefully stored until it’s time for them to be returned to their right places. Every single item is documented, identified by the location they were taken from, and clearly labeled before they’re removed. This ensures that your property will be restored to its original condition with no stress or fuss.

When you suffer a large loss like fire or water, H2O Solutions packs up all your belongings and stores them either on site in a portable storage container or offsite in a warehouse. With fire loss we’ll pack up your contents, take them offsite to clean and store them until the home or business is ready for them to return. When dealing with fire damage, it’s important to clean the contents as soon as possible so the fire smell can be neutralized.

Content Cleaning

Fast response is crucial after a property loss has occurred at your home or business. Water can cause massive damage to your property’s contents. It also can greatly increase the humidity levels within the property, causing mold to grow in just the first 24-48 hours of the incident – this doesn’t allow for a lot of time to save your valuables or inventory from permanent damage. H2O Solutions offers a number of services that will help reduce further damage to your residential or commercial property and its contents. Whether your property is dealing with a serious water damage loss, sewage damage, or the aftermath of a fire, the expert technicians at H2O Solutions can help with restoring not just your home or business, but the contents contained within it.

H2O Solutions Is Here To Help

With H2O Solutions, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed at the recovery process ahead of you. We ease the burden by packing out your contents and restoring your home or office to its original condition. Let us know how we can help by giving us a call.

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