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How to Prevent Mold and Mildew in Your Home

As most of us know, mold can be a serious issue in a household. But… How many of us know how to prevent mold in our home? Well, here is a few tips that will help you get started. How to Prevent Mold Mold and mildew in the home can spread quickly and have a negative affect…

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Flash Flood Warning Galveston: Be Prepared, Stay Safe

The flash flood warning means staying safe and getting prepared. Here’s what your emergency kit requires and the steps you should take to create a plan.

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Emergency Water Supply Tips

Emergency Water Supply: What You Need To Know

Taking the necessary preparation steps to having an adequate emergency water supply will ease your stress and keep you and your family hydrated during a disaster. Here are the most common water-related disasters, and emergency water supply preparation tips.

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Common Causes of Standing Water

Storms, broken and leaking pipes, and heavy rain are all causes of standing water. It’s important to know why it happens and what you should do about it — whether it occurs in your home, or your yard.

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