As lower temperatures settle in, it is important to think about heating safety during these months. There’s nothing better than sitting in front of a nicely lit fire, but this simple holiday tradition can quickly turn into disaster if you aren’t careful. House fires are not something that should be messed with. Make sure you take the proper precautions this holiday season to protect your home and family from a devastating fire.

Clean the fireplace

Before use, your chimney should be cleaned out. This will not only prevent a dangerous fire, but will help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from unescaped smoke.

In addition to this, invest in a grate to keep your fire contained, and prevent small children from burning themselves.

Christmas Tree Safety

Decorating and celebrating around the Christmas tree is one of the best traditions of the season, but is also one that can cause problems. Make sure to follow these tips if you put up a tree this year:

  • Unplug the lights every night, and every time you leave the home
  • Put the tree up far enough away from the heater, vents, and the fireplace
  • Check the light string before use to ensure there are no frayed wires or other damage
  • Invest in a sturdy stand for the tree, one that cannot easily be broken
  • Keep children and pets away from the tree whenever you aren’t there to supervise

While many of these points seem simple, they can make a huge difference in Christmas tree safety. Do your part to protect your home and family from an easily preventable fire.

Cooking Precautions

All year long we should be cautious when cooking, but it is something that we need to especially remember when cooking large holiday meals:

  • Keep items that can easily catch on fire away from the stove, even if you don’t think it’s turned on.
  • Keep pot handles pointing toward the back of the stove.
  • Never leave the home with the stove or oven turned on.

Taking these simple yet crucial precautions will give you the peace of mind you deserve this holiday season.

Enjoy the holidays this season, giving thanks, being with family, and preparing for the coming year. Don’t let a preventable fire ruin the holidays. Do what you can to prepare for and prevent a fire from happening in your home. The changes that seem small and simple often make the biggest difference.