Have you ever reached for a piece of fruit and discovered it was covered in mold? Yuck. Mold is not a pleasant thing to discover. But if your home has mold problems and it goes undiscovered, you are in trouble. Mold needs to be contained to stop its spreading. However, it’s not always easy to know if your home is infected. Here are some signs that’ll tell you have mold in your home.

Foul Oder

Sometimes you may not be able to see the mold in your home but you’ll know it’s there because of the smell. Mold has a distinct smell that is similar to an old, damp tee shirt. It’s a musty and smells like mildew. If you can track down the smell you’ll be closer to finding the source.


Mold doesn’t take over your home overnight. It starts with just a few small spots and gets to be a huge mess if not cleaned. When mold begins to grow, you may think it’s just a spot of dirt in the corner of your wall. Look closely to see if it is more than dirt and if the spot is fuzzy. Don’t let these spots go untreated.

Water Damage

If your home has experienced water damage that comes from disasters like flooding, plumbing problems or bad weather there is a chance that mold will start to develop. With these types of disasters we recommend contacting a professional to properly dry your home and its contents. Improper drying leads to mold, which creates even more damage.


If your home is excessively humid, condensation will begin to form on windowsills and pipes. When condensation collects, the house is at risk for mold. Do an inventory of your home to see if the windowsills, pipes, crawlspaces and basement corners are free from condensation and try and keep the inside of your house as dry as possible.

Mold can be a mess but if it’s caught early enough, it isn’t as difficult to treat. For the mold problems that are too big to handle, call us to get your home restored.